It's Just the Rain

It's Just the Rain is now available from

"Rarely have I encountered a musician, male or female, vocalist or instrumentalist, who is as in-control of her music as Anna Callahan. From each clever reharmonization to every in-the-pocket groove, Anna is responsible for it all, and the nuances of her vocal and trumpet performances on this CD back that statement up....

This is a stunning CD from a truly exciting artist, knowledgable about the history of her music, but unafraid to take it into new territory."

-- Mark Shilansky, pianist, producer, composer; professor at the Berklee College of Music and the University of New Hampshire.

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My Ideal

My Ideal is still available from

My Ideal was one of the top 100 selling albums at CD Baby in August. It was featured on United Airlines for three months. And every song on this album has been played on various jazz radio stations around the country.

Starting this month, if you order My Ideal from CD Baby over the internet, you will also be able to download a free MP3 of one of my newest compositions.

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