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April 4th

Baby Potty Training

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My baby is awesome.  He is unquestionably the most adorable baby out there, at least to me, his mom.  Now that he’s six months old I really do love hanging out with him — he’s such a happy, goofy guy and he often sits and plays with his toys (wooden spoons, grippy balls, chew toys, […]

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January 23rd

TechStars Developer in Residence

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Here I am in San Antonio Texas, hanging out with the 2012 crew of TechStars startup companies.  While I’m just in town visiting my beau (who is in TechStars here), I’ll be sitting at a desk in their space every day and I’ll probably go to some of their events and introduce myself. I’ve already […]

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August 5th

From Idea to App Store Submission

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I just answered an email from a friend of my dad’s about iPhone app development, and thought this might be interesting to other folks interested in having an app built. It just outlines the steps I usually go through with iPhone app clients to take them from having that sparkle of an idea in their […]

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August 1st

First Triathlon

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So yesterday I did my first triathlon. Woo hoo! My sister and I got roped into doing a triathlon by a friend in NYC, who has been doing them for years. (He is now training for the Ironman.) He told us about one on Staten Island called the “Flat as a Pancake Triathlon”: only 1/4 […]

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