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July 5th

Women at Europython

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This year I attended and gave a talk at Europython in Florence.  There were tons of great sessions, including one keynote on diversity in the Python community.  This started people talking about how to get more women to come to Python conferences, and one person mentioned studies that have shown that women come to events […]

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June 24th

Mobile API Design

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I recently co-presented a talk at DjangoCon and EuroPython (with Nate Aune) and there was a lot of interest, so I thought I’d write an article where I can go into more detail about the specifics of good API design for mobile.   (You can see the slides for that talk at Most of […]

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January 21st

Duck and Resume: a little love from the iPhone music player

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I just got a couple of nice features working in one of my projects at Raizlabs. These are both easy to implement, but difficult to find a good explanation of how to implement. Here I’ll show you how to: Duck (lower the music volume underneath application sounds) Resume playback after an interruption (a phone call […]

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September 2nd

Work spaces near Central Square

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moving to new house… how can I own so much stuff? thank gods for craigslist In a desperate desire to escape the realm of boxes, I sally forth into my new neighborhood in search of the perfect workspace.  A few years ago I was debating whether to rent a cubicle at a local co-working space, […]

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