Indies are dreamers.

Indies are ordinary people with ordinary means who do extraordinary things. Just like you and your friends, we have quirky opinions, we struggle to balance family and work, and just like you, we have dreams. If you’re an indie, you quit your job and pursue your dream.  Not because you want to; not because you can.  Because your dreams cry out to you in the night like ghosts of lost children, needing you and only you to make them real.

I realized many years ago that I have a Mission in Life. Not in the sense that I’m destined to do something, because I may never get to do what I’m hoping to do. I have a mission in the sense that I can see a better world, and that I get the most satisfaction in life from trying to make that world a reality.

I’ve always loved being creative, and have met so many people with wonderful creative ideas. The world is filled with people who want to help others, who want to make your life better. But most people have to trade their precious time and dreams for the security of a full-time job. My mission is to help create a world where people can make a living doing what they love.

I’ve been an indie musician, an indie filmmaker, and an indie-preneur.  For a while I ran a site for indie filmmakers to sell their films online, but other sites now fill that role.  I am currently developing iPhone apps, which is a great indie space.

Thanks for visiting, and Support Indies Everywhere!

For more info on who I am, you can visit the rest of my site at www.annacallahan.com.

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