April 4th

Baby Potty Training

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My baby is awesome.  He is unquestionably the most adorable baby out there, at least to me, his mom.  Now that he’s six months old I really do love hanging out with him — he’s such a happy, goofy guy and he often sits and plays with his toys (wooden spoons, grippy balls, chew toys, […]

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January 23rd

TechStars Developer in Residence

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Here I am in San Antonio Texas, hanging out with the 2012 crew of TechStars startup companies.  While I’m just in town visiting my beau (who is in TechStars here), I’ll be sitting at a desk in their space every day and I’ll probably go to some of their events and introduce myself. I’ve already […]

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July 5th

Women at Europython

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This year I attended and gave a talk at Europython in Florence.  There were tons of great sessions, including one keynote on diversity in the Python community.  This started people talking about how to get more women to come to Python conferences, and one person mentioned studies that have shown that women come to events […]

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June 24th

Mobile API Design

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I recently co-presented a talk at DjangoCon and EuroPython (with Nate Aune) and there was a lot of interest, so I thought I’d write an article where I can go into more detail about the specifics of good API design for mobile.   (You can see the slides for that talk at http://www.scribd.com/doc/57369015/iPhone-Python-Love-Affair.) Most of […]

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August 5th

From Idea to App Store Submission

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I just answered an email from a friend of my dad’s about iPhone app development, and thought this might be interesting to other folks interested in having an app built. It just outlines the steps I usually go through with iPhone app clients to take them from having that sparkle of an idea in their […]

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January 21st

Duck and Resume: a little love from the iPhone music player

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I just got a couple of nice features working in one of my projects at Raizlabs. These are both easy to implement, but difficult to find a good explanation of how to implement. Here I’ll show you how to: Duck (lower the music volume underneath application sounds) Resume playback after an interruption (a phone call […]

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October 19th

Law of Attraction: how it works

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The Law of Attraction was made famous recently by the movie “The Secret”, but the concept has been around for a long time.  The concepts from The Secret came from a book written in 1910, so it is at least that old.  It’s the basic idea that you attract what you think about. Here are […]

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September 29th

The Awesomeness Economy

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Once upon a time, there was a market controlled by supply and demand.  Consumers acted in self-interest, buying products that were better or cheaper, and prices had to be set accordingly.  Workers were simply another market; they were bought by businesses if they were better or cheaper.  Natural resources were inputs, and the cheaper they […]

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September 2nd

Work spaces near Central Square

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moving to new house… how can I own so much stuff? thank gods for craigslist In a desperate desire to escape the realm of boxes, I sally forth into my new neighborhood in search of the perfect workspace.  A few years ago I was debating whether to rent a cubicle at a local co-working space, […]

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December 12th

Revitalizing the Economy

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A podcast of this article can be found here. President-elect Obama has posted his latest weekly address where he lays out key parts of his economic recovery plan. While I agree with his ideas for greening government buildings, improving roads and schools, and modernizing our heath care system, and while these may be a necessary […]

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